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STEP UP album launch performed by The Miles Black Quintet

The Miles Black Quintet plays the jazz compositions of David Rehorick

The Silk Purse Performance – Listen

Thirteen original compositions by David Rehorick were performed by the Miles Black Quintet. The play list included tunes from the album STEP UP, plus new tunes performed for the first time. A brief narrative commentary introduces each tune.

Silk Purse Set 1

1) Vancouver
2) Pedal Off
3) Soft Green
4) Route Canal
5) Remembering Ian
6) Da-De-Do Blues (vocals)

Silk Purse Set 2

1) Eyes Closed
2) Just One Moment (vocals)
3) Song of Joy
4) Step Up
5) Dark Fragments (word jazz)
6) Cozy Sizzle (vocals)
7) Hoo You (scat only)

Silk Purse performance credits:

David Rehorick – composer (music & lyrics)
Miles Black – piano & guitar
Jodi Proznick – acoustic bass
Steve Kaldestad – tenor & alto sax
Steve Maddock – vocals
Buff Allen – drums

Sheldon Zaharko – recording engineer
Dave Sikula – sound engineer