Sharing Music & Scholarship might seem like an unusual title for a website, combining two distinct fields of endeavour. The thread that holds them together is my enduring passion for both.   

An award-winning university educator who has taught in Canada, Japan and the United States, I hold the distinction of Professor Emeritus at the University of New Brunswick and the Fielding Graduate University. 

As a jazz musician, I have piano performance experience in trios to quintets. In 2015, I turned my attention to jazz and lyric composition. STEP UP, my debut album, was recorded in 2018. My second album, JUST ONE MOMENT, was released in 2020. 

Music Lab

You’ll find the story of the creation of STEP UP, my first album. You’ll discover how a flower lamination artist integrates tunes from STEP UP to display her craft. And you will learn about Current Projects as works in progress.


My career as a university educator spans forty years, with appointments in Canada, Japan and the United States. I highlight the focus of my teaching and feature my research through a listing of key publications.


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Just One Moment


My second album, Just One Moment, expands my music exploration range to include instrumental, vocals, and spoken word jazz tunes. It arrived just before Christmas.
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Step Up


My first ever composition, ‘Vancouver’ (1977), captures my first time experiencing the city’s March weather, before returning to the ice and snow of the East Coast. Read more

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Creation Trail

This is an unfolding, open-ended forum where I intend to share my composition experiences, reflect on the birth of new tunes, speak to what it means to be in recording and sound engineering studios, and share extra tunes as outtakes.

It is also a place where music creation meets my scholarly interests in the phenomenology of music. My research curiosity is fed by my interest in the experiential nature of music-making.